Volunteers are needed

To learn more about the study or to volunteer, go to volunteer information.

You will find a detailed description of your participation. You can also submit your contact and health information on a secure website. If you qualify, you will be compensated for your time.

You can also call 405.456.4303 to receive information on the phone or by mail OFHP-BSL@ouhsc.edu
Information for Volunteers
The purpose of the Oklahoma Family Health Patterns research project is to study factors that may increase the risk for alcohol and drug use in persons who do not have problems with these substances.

This study will be looking at health behaviors in young adults, 18-30 years old, in relation to their family's health behaviors and lifestyles. We are interested in measuring information regarding your personality characteristics and some physiological measures such as blood pressure, heart rate, and a stress hormone called cortisol.