Neuroimaging in the Oklahoma Family Health Pattern Project
This study is devoted to achieving a greater understanding of brain function in persons who may be at high risk for alcoholism. Volunteers for the imaging study are chosen from the larger Oklahoma Family Health Patterns Project. Imaging is conducted at the Research Imaging Center of the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in San Antonio. Imaging includes resting brain metabolism measured using positron emission tomography (PET), imaging (MRI), and functional brain activity using fMRI.
Our research focus is to examine psychological and physiological functioning under resting conditions and during states of stress in order to understand differences between persons in emotional reactivity.

Oklahoma Family Health Patterns
We need to know more about how health behaviors are passed along from generation to generation. In partiular, we are interested in risk for alcohol abuse in persons who may have a family history of alcohol abuse. This study involves coming to the lab for some interviews and testing of behaviors and reactions to emotional situations. Volunteers needed are men or women ages 18-30 years, who are social drinkers.