Recruitment Coordinator
Jordan Hoffmeister, B.A.

Laboratory Technician
Nykita Webb, B.S.

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Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
William R. Lovallo, Ph.D.

Project Manager, OFHP project
Barbara S. McKey, R.N., M.B.A.

Research Associate
Statistics and Database Manager
Andrea Vincent, Ph.D.

Staff Scientist and
Assistant Professor of Research
Kristen Hilliard Sorocco, Ph.D.

Andrew Cohoon, M.P.H.

Our office hours are 8:30 am 5:00 pm, M-F.
We are located at:
755 Research Parkway, Suite 568
near the corner of Lincoln and NE 8th St.

Behavioral Science Laboratories
755 Research Parkway, Suite 568
Oklahoma City OK 73129

405.456.1839 FAX

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